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Diversity in Ipswich's Population

The Colour of Queensland

The Diversity of Population in Ipswich photo exhibition is now well and truly over and although it turned out to be smaller than I would have liked, I will say it was successful in creating an awareness of the different roles migrants have in the community. If you haven't seen the photos, go to and click on Projects on the top menu. anyone local can still see the original photos ate Vibe Kitchen & Bar at Springfield Central. The owners wont let me take them down.

Now, I would like to introduce you to the next stage of this project, the Colour of Queensland. This is a coffee table style book with photos and information on 234 different nationalities that make up Queensland's population. Along with the photos will be information provided by an immigrant from each country represented. Each participant will be asked the same questions to ensure there is no bias and there will be no reference to politics, religion or racial tensions that may exist.

Candidates will also be chosen to be interviewed and videotaped being asked more in-depth questions about their lives as migrants in Australia. These recordings will be made into 20 minute takes and a series developed for You Tube and possibly SBS and/or ABC viewing.

Our proposal is now going out to all interested parties who may want to become sponsors, partners, donors or grant suppliers as we would like to at least recoup our costs. Anyone who is interested please contact me direct ,or if you know someone who may want to be involved, please pass this post along.

Hope you can come along for the ride and I will provide updates as we move forward.

Till next time, take care.

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