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Photography has taught me many things about life and has shown me both the good and bad in nature, humanity, religious beliefs, patriotism, love, hate and much more. All of these concepts can be captured through photography and all will tell a particular story.

My father taught me that there is beauty in everything if you look hard enough and that is why I seek out photography shoots of many kinds, I want to capture that beauty and hopefully share it with as many people as I can.

Portraits are my passion as they can show the subject in their true light as I attempt to bring out their real identity, personality and inner beauty.

As a person who has learned to manage my life with Chronic Post Traumatic Stress, I have found that photography is a powerful self-managed therapy and is an alternative to the psycho-therapies offered by the specialists. Twelve hours of one-on-one mentoring in photography will provide the subject with enough skills to start practising Therapeutic Photography on the road living a reasonable and self-driven lifestyle. 

Contact me for information on Peer support, Mentoring, and Photography classes for those looking for alternative activities and Art Therapy.

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